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Uniwersitet Marie Curie Sklodowskiej
Pl. Marii Curie-Sklodowskiej 3

The Uniwersitet Marie Curie Sklodowskiej or Maria Curie-Sklodowska University (UMCS) is situated in Lublin, in the eastern part of Poland and consists of 10 faculties. The Department of Optical Fibre Technology representing UMCS in PHOSFOS belongs to the Faculty of Chemistry. In 1979 the first optical cable manufactured in the UMCS laboratories was incorporated into the telecommunication network in Lublin. The optical fibre fabrication technology developed at UMCS was put into practice in the factory of optical fibres and cables built in Lublin. The production of the second generation fibres on an industrial scale started in 1983. The Optical Fibre research group received the State Award for the elaboration of Polish fibre technology. Currently research focuses on the technology of micro-structured and photonic crystal fibres. The research is conducted in the frame of the EC FP6 Network of Excellence on Micro-optics NEMO, COST P-11 and COST 299 and is also partially funded by the Polish Ministry of Science and High Education. The UMCS team is also the organizer of cyclic national conference “Optical fibres and their applications”, the most important event in this field in Poland.

The department is equipped with a complete technological line for preform production (MCVD and OVD) and drawing towers, a chemical laboratory for preparing raw materials and a measurement laboratory, where the basic fibre parameters, especially these needed for the technology, are characterised. The flexibility of the technological line allows producing fibres with a very complex inner structure.

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1. Jan Rayss